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 You might be surprised to discover just how unhealthy some supermarket muesli brands can be. Here are six reasons why you should opt for an all-natural alternative and switch to RAD Muesli…


According to a study by consumer watchdog CHOICE, some supermarket muesli brands may contain twice the amount of fat that’s in a typical fast food hamburger, while others were found to contain up to 43 per cent sugar – that’s 7 per cent more of the sweet stuff than is in a bowl of Coco Pops. That’s sobering news for those of us searching for a healthy start to the day, and exactly why we decided to keep the high-calorie sugar syrups out of RAD Muesli for a genuinely healthy alternative. Instead, we use a touch of natural honey in all RAD Muesli.


Did you know that your choice of breakfast cereal could have a devastating environmental impact? Many commercial muesli brands contain palm oil, which is linked to a range of deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty and indigenous rights abuses around the world as forests are cleared for the development of palm oil plantations. You can read more about the environmental toll of palm oil at RAD Muesli is free of palm oil and contains no other added oils.


Many muesli brands are toasted with sugar syrups, added oils or fruit juice in order to bring out extra sweetness and create a crunchy texture. However, this process also increases the kilojoule content of the muesli as carbohydrates are converted to sugars in the toasting process. For that reason, all RAD Muesli is untoasted and contains less fat and kilojoules than toasted varieties. We use rolled barley in all our muesli products, which has a natural crunch and holds its texture without the need for toasting.


RAD Muesli is rich in LSA (a combination of linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds). LSA is a rich source of protein, which will keep you feeling satisfied for longer, help with appetite control, and contribute to balancing your blood sugar levels to curb sugar cravings. It’s also high in omega-3 fats for healthy heart and brain function and is an excellent source of vitamin A, E, D and B, plus calcium, zinc and magnesium that contribute to healthy bones, teeth, skin and liver function. And it tastes amazing.


RAD Muesli also contains psyllium husks for a healthy fibre boost with 13.5g of fibre per 100g. Psyllium is a wonder herb that originated in India and is often used to fight irritable bowel syndrome and a range of digestion disorders. It’s a soluble fibre, which also means it’s effective in lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol, and as psyllium husks expand in your stomach, they’ll keep you feeling fuller for longer.


RAD Muesli is dedicated to supporting Australian farmers wherever possible, which is why we use Australia-grown nuts including macadamias, walnuts, pistachios and almonds, in all of our muesli products. Nuts have a long list of health benefits and are a key component of a healthy, balanced diet. According to Nutrition Australia, consuming 30 grams (a small handful) of nuts every day protects against heart disease and includes antioxidants that may help to reduce inflammation, along with high levels of potassium for maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Switch to RAD Muesli today to start enjoying the health benefits of an all-natural breakfast immediately.

We pack every bag of RAD Muesli with two thirds of fruit, nuts and seeds to one third of rolled barley, which means you can count on getting more of the ‘good stuff’ in every bowl.

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