About Protia

It all began in a Brisbane restaurant in 2006.

David Noble was a struggling Food Science and Nutrition student at the University of Queensland with a skateboarding habit and a big idea.

After charming his way into the kitchens of a local restaurant in the Brisbane suburbs, David rolled up his sleeves and began work developing a healthy muesli recipe worthy of the active Aussie lifestyle.

Hours became days, and days became weeks until David finally emerged bleary eyed and clutching a crudely packaged bag of RAD Muesli.

His new product became an immediate hit at local Brisbane markets as crowds gathered to sample his blend of Australian-sourced nuts, rolled barley, dried fruit, seeds, psyllium husks, LSA and a touch of honey.

A move to Canberra saw RAD Muesli go from strength to strength, and the product was soon the toast of the Old Bus Depot Markets.

After passing the taste test in the nation’s capital, David’s Canberra customers were even more delighted to discover that RAD Muesli uses no sugar syrups, no added oils – including the environmentally catastrophic palm oil – and is not toasted for a genuinely healthy alternative to the sugar- and preservative-packed supermarket varieties.

But that’s not the end of the journey.

Under the umbrella of Protia Wholefood, David is currently developing a range of superfoods including Australian-grown chia seeds, organic rolled oats and a buckwheat based gluten-free muesli that will be filling hungry bellies as soon as we get it right.

Watch this space.

To enquire about stocking RAD Muesli, please contact us at noble@protia.com.au

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